Thursday, July 14, 2011

change. for the better.

On Monday, my friend Amanda came back from Hong Kong. I was so excited for her to come over so we could hang out. She did come over. And we did hang out. By cleaning my room for FIVE HOURS!!! She literally put me to work right away and we worked for hours (with only a short Screamers break in the middle) and I finally began to see the carpet underneath the pigsty in which I dwell. Hopefully after this MASSIVE cleaning venture, a certain someone will never have to trip over my mess and fall flat on his face ever again ;) 

This is actually the second time Amanda has come over and forced me to clean my room. The last time, she came and vacuumed was over a year ago and admittedly, I did not do a good job of keeping it clean. But this time, I've promised her to maintain it so that her hard work will not have gone to waste. 

She hung/organized all my clothes and made me do laundry...
...and she even colour-coded all my tops!
Actually, at this point I was just taking pictures of her and laughing at the fact that she was actually vacuuming my room for the SECOND time. Look at those hyperspeed vacuuming skills.
I found out later that "cleaning Laura's room" had been on her TO-DO list from the very beginning. Evil. But truly, only a great friend would put up with my messiness disorder and I couldn't have cleaned my room without her help/motivation.

After 5+ hours, the job is not fully done... I still have a lot to do but I'm on my way to changing my crazy ways. When I am completely satisfied with it, I promise, I shall show you all a little room tour. =P 

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  1. YAY!!~ hahaha.. thanks for your lovely mention :) Please use this entry as a reminder... of your PROMISE to keep your room tidy! hahahah.. I actually think I've tried cleaning your room more than 2x! Lol~


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