Tuesday, February 28, 2012

CUTE MONSTERS CONTEST: pizza & ice-cream

So you know that CUTE MONSTERS CONTEST that I posted about in my last entry? Well I went on a bit of a monster-drawing CRAZE and ended up creating two other submissions for the contest. Here they are!!! (Of course they have to be FOOD-THEMED. You know me and my intense love of food haha)...
If you like my entries, I'd love it if you would vote for them (you can vote for more than one).
All you have to do is click "I'D WEAR THIS" on my Deviant Art page. I've included the links below! 

Here's my other entry...


Oh and since I was already on a roll, I also submitted THIS sketch which was actually inspired by my creepy friend Cabrini. haha. So far, this one has no votes. HAHAHAHAHAHA. But secretly, my goal is for it to slowly evolve into a meme... haha...

 ...proudly drawn on PAINT with a touchpad. hahaha...
This one's gotta be one of my best works yet. =P

ANYWAYS, please vote for one (or all) of them, and let me know which one of my three submissions you like the best! =)



Saturday, February 25, 2012


HIIII!!!! Okay, I've been madly drawing up a STORM these past two days since my brother told me about Deviant Art's CUTE MONSTER CONTEST. I guess sometimes I need a little kick-in-the-butt to get out of my routine rut and just start doodling again. It was quite sad at the beginning because the only drawing program I had on my computer was PAINT and I was using my touchpad since I don't have a mouse or tablet either. HAHA. I'll show you all my sad attempts later, but long story short - I finally got PHOTOSHOP on my computer so I was able to submit a decent piece of artwork. I would appreciate it so much if you would visit my submission and VOTE FOR IT, but I also do encourage you to check out the other submissions as well so you're not biased. Art is all about opinions so I want you guys to only vote for me if you actually like my submission, and not because I subliminally
  vote for me...vote for me...voldemort...
force you to. 


To see my entry, click HERE!
If you want to support me, click on the  "I'D WEAR THIS!" button (under the Add to Favourites Button) on the right hand side of the page. You can vote until March 6... OR, if you'd like to submit your OWN design, they still take submissions until Feb. 28. =) 

Friday, February 24, 2012


images 2,3,4,6,8,9 = tumblr. the rest are mine.

 ...it's time for me to dream a new dream.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

DIY: satin flower pin

I was sick and bedridden today...another zombie day for me! It's so sad but sometimes I like getting sick because it means I can finally get some well-needed rest (and have some extra downtime to do artsy stuff). I actually didn't have the energy to make something supercrazyelaborate today, but I did make a small satin flower pin (I guess you could say it's a brooch but I think the word BROOCH sounds so weird... haha). You know how there are some words where you just cringe just because of the way it sounds? For me, BROOCH is one of those words.

Anyway, I will get around to writing up a more detailed description of how to make these satin flowers, but here's a little preview for your viewing pleasure.

DIY inspiration: "i love you" board

I was reading some articles about love and marriage online (haha yes... little laura is all grown up now)... and I came across one article that included a practical DIY CRAFT idea! The writer was reminding wives and husbands to continually encourage each other so she came up with the idea of an I Love You Board made out of some scrapbook supplies, ribbon, and a picture frame. Putting up a board like this at home can give couples or family members an opportunity to write something nice about each other (I know I don't do that enough!) haha.

Click here to see the original tutorial!

images from crosswalk.com

 In my opinion, "i love you" has evolved from an expression which (in some cultures and older generations) was seldom said out loud, to a three-word catch phrase that is often thrown around casually to practical strangers. I like this I Love You Board idea a lot because I think it's important not to only say those words but to go one step further and tell that person WHY you love him or her. A simple phrase of appreciation can go a long way in encouraging that someone special.

So even if you don't have time to make one of these boards just yet, I encourage you to think of a specific someone who might benefit from a little encouragement today, and go and tell this person ONE quality that you appreciate about him or her. Because at the end of the day, it's all about spreading some love. =)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

inspiration: DOILY lamp

I LOVE this huge, glowing ball of doilies! My friend and I are going to try making a similar doily & lace lampshade next week - (I'M SO EXCITED!!!) haha... but first we have to find an old lampshade... or I was thinking of making one from scratch with old coathangers. We shall see... we shall see. Meanwhile, head on over to the awesome DIY post by Dos Family to see an actual legit tutorial on how to make this DIY Doily Lamp!

image from More Design Please

If you like the lamp but you're lazy and don't want to make it, I found one online that you can buy at Projecteur - an online collection of Vintage Home Decor.

Well anyhow... I'll keep you all posted on how the doily lamp-making goes... I'll either rave about our stupendous success or inform you of our complete failure next week!

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

inspiration: hearts

So I said I don't celebrate Valentine's, but these pixelated heart cards from ChurchMag are too awesome not to post. Click here for more images and the PDF print-out, to make your own pop-up pixel papercraft!
images from ChurchMag
A paper-heart garland or a strand of felt hearts would be easy to make too!
amazing paper art by Yulia Brodskaya
antique paper heart strands by MaisyandAlice
felt hearts from Purl Bee

...and now, for some stuff that I made...

...here's a notebook cover I collaged recently using a free Valentine's-themed food flyer that I picked up and some paper scraps. I didn't make this collage specifically for Valentine's but it still turned out pretty sweet... (the bad jokes never cease)... that's why you keep on coming back, am I right? haha.

...and of course, I have to re-introduce you to one of my old doodles... since it's most fitting...
 (ha... ha... punny...)... =S

I think this image was drawn after overloading on timbits during my University days...
Oh how I miss timbits...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

inspiration: floral wreaths

So I don't really celebrate Valentine's (since EVERY day should be a day where I get to indulge in chocolates hahahaha), but I was talking to Randy today about flowers. Now, I love floral printed things but I've never cared for receiving real flowers (get me a burger instead). Even from the very beginning of our relationship I always told him never to get me flowers because they wilt so quickly and are a waste of money (I can appreciate flowers for free on the sidewalk!) But just now we were talking about flowers and I mentioned how I think it's more romantic to receive one single flower rather than a giant bouquet. So I randomly asked him, "If you WERE to get me one kind of flower, what would it be?" 

He said, "I would get you all-purpose flour so that I could bake you COOKIES."  HAHAHA he knows me so well. And that totally made my day so I just had to share. That's all I want for Valentine's anyway - a good laugh...and for everyone - single or not - to be happy. =)

Anyway, since we're on the topic of FLOWERS, here is what I've been wanting to make lately.

I've always loved the whimsical look of floral wreaths. I'm going to eventually make one - (once I find a place to buy silk flowers in HK... any suggestions?) - but for now, here are some images of what I intend to create.

images above from k is for kani
The ones below aren't exactly wreaths, but those floral hair decorations could be easy DIYs by super-gluing a delicate silk flower or a vintage brooch onto a sturdy hair clip.
image from Belle Magazine
...and HERE is a great tutorial by Blooming Leopold on how to make your own wreath!
All you need is some floral wire, floral tape, and silk flowers! I also thought that you could use "bark wire" as well (google it) for a woody wreath.

Floral wreaths are perfect for field-frolicking! Can't wait till the weather gets warmer!
images from google =P

Thursday, February 9, 2012

inspiration: Sunburst Mirrors

I have had so many DIY ideas throbbing in my head lately (yes... throbbing... and they will continue pulsing as little mindmonsters until I have time to birth their creative existence)... wow, what a creepy sentence...moving on...

But I have been inspired by many window displays and shop decor lately - and am itching to replicate some of the interior ingenuity that I've seen. Well anyway, here are two great ideas from Country Living on how to make DIY Sunburst mirrors!

I love this one made of clothespins that you can personalize by clipping on photos or little messages around the frame. Click here for the full tutorial.
 Then there's THIS sunburst mirror made out of spoons! I think it's the perfect kitchen-wall centerpiece. I was thinking you could also try using other utensils such as wooden chopsticks for a more natural look. OR, for a more crafty-cute look that would be great for a kid's room, you could use coloured popsicle sticks! As my mind wanders further, I'm envisioning a similar silver sunburst mirror made out of stainless steel knives. HAHA... but I suppose plastic spoons are just slightly less dangerous. Click here for the sunburst spoon mirror tutorial.

 Ahhh... so many ideas to try! Well, maybe I'll find a permanent home first before attempting so many decor DIYs! =P

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