Thursday, February 9, 2012

inspiration: Sunburst Mirrors

I have had so many DIY ideas throbbing in my head lately (yes... throbbing... and they will continue pulsing as little mindmonsters until I have time to birth their creative existence)... wow, what a creepy sentence...moving on...

But I have been inspired by many window displays and shop decor lately - and am itching to replicate some of the interior ingenuity that I've seen. Well anyway, here are two great ideas from Country Living on how to make DIY Sunburst mirrors!

I love this one made of clothespins that you can personalize by clipping on photos or little messages around the frame. Click here for the full tutorial.
 Then there's THIS sunburst mirror made out of spoons! I think it's the perfect kitchen-wall centerpiece. I was thinking you could also try using other utensils such as wooden chopsticks for a more natural look. OR, for a more crafty-cute look that would be great for a kid's room, you could use coloured popsicle sticks! As my mind wanders further, I'm envisioning a similar silver sunburst mirror made out of stainless steel knives. HAHA... but I suppose plastic spoons are just slightly less dangerous. Click here for the sunburst spoon mirror tutorial.

 Ahhh... so many ideas to try! Well, maybe I'll find a permanent home first before attempting so many decor DIYs! =P

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  1. Hi..Laura thanks for viewing my blog...I love your mirrors...For the painting I used acrylics colors...:)~Leonor


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