Monday, July 11, 2011

DIY: bracelet stand

When it comes to jewelry, I like to wear rings and necklaces the most. I don't have that many bracelets and I usually forget to wear them because I store them away in a little box like this.

So I decided to make a bracelet holder with some random things I found on my floor. I literally just came up with this while cleaning my room because I found an old cardboard roll and a cup. And so I stopped cleaning my room (there's always an excuse...) to make a new BRACELET STAND.

Here's the finished product!

Let's just hope my mother doesn't notice that one of her cups has gone missing... 



  1. ooo that is SOO NICE! too bad i dont really wear bracelets! soo pretty, that is so tumblr worthy to me.

    and i love ur mirror, leaf thing and birds

  2. so pretty !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! very nice very nice!you have so much time!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. dude it's time to start a store! you are much too creative to not financially take advantage of it :p <3 you.

  4. great job :) I should also try making one like this :)

  5. wow! making this one tonight! \m/


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