Saturday, June 2, 2012

DIY inspiration: 3-tier cupcake stand

Today's tutorial is brought to you by my talented friend Angel who was awesome enough to let me share her little project with you. She scored a whole treasureload of glassware from a thrift store and here's what she made with it! (scroll down!)

STEP 1: Buy an assortment of glass cups and plates.
STEP 2: Use E-6000 Superglue to adhere a cup to the bottom of a plate.
STEP 3: Keep repeating Step 2 until you've got... A CUPCAKE STAND!!!
It's such a simple project and definitely way cheaper than buying a pre-made one! 


I always thought this DIY tier idea would be really cute using dainty porcelain plates and vintage teacups piled on top of one another. If not for cupcakes, it would make a great jewelry stand.

I'm considering making one in the future since I've got a mini collection of vintage teacups. If you're really not the crafting type, you could always buy a professionally-made one from High Tea for Alice (on Etsy).

Here are some of the gorgeous cake/jewelry tiers that they make:

images from highteaforalice on Etsy


...if you'd like a few more cake stand ideas, the Creative Orchard has put together a list of 12 cake tiers HERE

My favourite is this wood tier made out of an old log from the blog Once Wed. I always prefer simple rustic/vintage things like this. (Also, the cake looks delicious and now I'm craving some).

I think all these cake tiers are great for parties and weddings... I would say they're ALMOST as awesome as the desserts they display... ALMOST.

And since I've been kinda stressed lately, I think it's time for some dessert therapy.

click HERE for a free download of this vintage print from By Wilma


...and now I'm off to lurk for something to satisfy my sugar craving...

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