Friday, July 8, 2011

a cup of nostalgia

I have a bad habit of buying pretty little trinkets to decorate my room while the more necessary task of cleaning it lies forgotten. However, I do think that these teacups, baskets, and boxes will eventually become USEFUL because I intend to use them to organize my jewelry and store other small items. 

Anyways, I couldn't help but set up all my thrift store purchases and take some pictures because they just all go together so nicely (yet another way to procrastinate from doing any real cleaning)...

I gave the gorgeous gold and turquoise teacup to a friend for her birthday (it's actually a rare find that's worth $40+). The other teacup is my own, which I use to hold some of my rings. Most of these boxes and baskets were under $3 so they're really inexpensive.

side notes: I didn't find all these items all on one trip. These are all collected from different thrift stores over time. And of course, these are just SOME of the decor items in my room - I only put together the ones that had a kind of shabby chic feel. My room isn't as girly as these pictures show and I think it would look like a CREEPY DOLLHOUSE if all my decor was like this. 

lesson of the day: thrift for cute boxes IN MODERATION, people. 

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