Thursday, July 7, 2011

a tribute to THE ICE-CREAM BUN

On July 1st, I went kayaking at Deep Cove...
After kayaking, we went to Londsdale Quay to walk around. Okay, SIDE NOTE... for YEARS I thought Quay was pronounced "kway" when actually it sounds like "key". Did ANYONE have the same problem? or is it just me?! haha

When we got to THE QUAY, we found the most AMAZING THING KNOWN TO MANKIND...
It's at this place called The Coffee Bun... Basically, they have this coffee bun that's kinda crispy on the outside, but soft on the inside... AND they fill it with vanilla ICE-CREAM with chocolate bits. PURE GOODNESS.
Plus they have buns on the wall, which is a bonus.
They also had this poster that gave pretty good information about what kind of teas to order. Gotta get myself some more blueberry tea so I'll feel less... OLD.
So if you're in the Londsdale Quay area, YOU HAVE TO GO TRY IT. See? I even took a picture of the shop so you can look for it. No excuses! Go and experience the AMAZINGNESS (I'm even making up words on behalf of the ice-cream bun).
The owners told us that The Coffee Bun is originally from Korea, and this is the first store that they've opened outside of Korea!
There were six of us so we ordered a couple ice-cream buns and custard-filled buns, and we started eating outside of the shop. I'm pretty sure we attracted more customers because a bunch of people saw us eating and went in to investigate... 

My next goal in life is to convince the store owners to hire me as a promoter. Ideal job description: to loiter outside the premises of the store eating an ice-cream bun while loudly proclaiming how good it is. Then again, I already did that for free...


  1. "wow! this tastes so good! i'll definitely stop by this place again and order something. it's just so delicious. mannnn, more people should try it out." and there's more where that came from. HIRE USSSSS!!!!

  2. I wish I was going to Londsdale Quay :(


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