Tuesday, July 5, 2011

DIY: because everyone wants to look like an ape.

It's time for another foolish-looking 5-minute costume idea. 
One of my best friends was going to a costume party (where everyone is assigned a letter and they have to dress up as something that starts with that letter... GENIUS IDEA BY THE WAY!!). He was assigned the letter "A". We didn't have that much time so he needed something quick and easy. 

And so... I suggested APE because it would be easy to make, but mostly because I knew it would be ridiculous and I just wanted to laugh at the hilarity of a sad-looking ape costume. This is how we made it:

Add a banana, and you're set to conquer the jungle! (One ridiculous pose at a time)...

Now I just hope my friend won't go all ANGRY APE when he sees this post. hahaha.


  1. LOL! so...in exchange for helping him with the costume, he had to agree to pose for your blog pictures at the end? :p

  2. haha yup... although i didn't have to do much convincing... he basically did it willingly. HAHAHA


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