Thursday, September 29, 2011

i want to be a human hamburger

You may be wondering why I'm posting so much today... well let me explain... since it seems like some of you actually do read my rambling stories...

I woke up at the regular time for work and started walking to school like I usually do. When I stepped outside, I noticed it was windier than usual and that there were fewer people on the streets but I didn't think much about it. I took my usual shortcut through the local mall but again, the mall was quite deserted compared to the typical morning crowds. But McDonald's was open and business was going on as usual so I kept on walking. When I got to school, the entire building was empty and all the lights were off. There were no kids or teachers anywhere to be seen. It was like a ghost town.

I went up to the staff room and twiddled my thumbs for a bit. I finally realized that there had been a warning for a #8 TYPHOON, so all schools were cancelled for the day. I felt like a fool but here I am spending my off-day in the staff room like the loser that I am. Yay. At least I got to update this blog, attempt to do some work, and draw a few pictures in my sketchbook! =) I'll show you some of those doodles another time, but for now I wanted to leave you all with the BEST HALLOWEEN COSTUME EVER (sent to me by Grace, who is awesome for documenting this hilarity).

If you wore this, you would be able to seduce anyone.

 Actually, I've always wanted to make my own hamburger costume, but it seems that Old Navy has beat me to it. When Grace showed me this, the first thing I asked her was, "DO YOU THINK THEY HAVE MY SIZE?!?!?" Hahahaha. 

No seriously though. I want to be a human hamburger. Seriously.


  1. hahahahas..oh yes. i still have to go back and check for you.

  2. I saw that last year! I really wanted one too but I don't think they have one big enough for me.

  3. I fully support this purchase.


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