Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hamburger Hunting

I've been craving burgers a lot lately. So on Sunday, I actually had TRIPLE O's (with a lardy poutine to go with my mushroom burger) because I desperately wanted a taste of home. Random fact: did you know that White Spot/Triple O's is only in two places in the world - Western Canada and Hong Kong? I thought that was a bit strange, but anyway, every time I see the Triple O's logo in Hong Kong it's like a comforting reminder of Vancouver.

 Today, my burger craving still hadn't gone away. So after a tiring day at work, I went alone on my very own HAMBURGER HUNT, in search of a Japanese fast-food chain called MOS Burger. After about half an hour of wandering (and almost settling for McDonald's instead), I finally found it. I promptly ordered two burgers: a Saku Chicken burger and the original MOS burger. The one below is the Saku Chicken... that's my favourite so far and I've had it a couple times ever since I discovered this burger joint.
I got take-out and then found a quiet spot by the side of the road and ate by myself like a creeper. But it was heaven - just me and my burgers. A man who passed by gave me a really weird look - but I was too busy gorging happily to care.
After the two burgers though, I still wasn't quite satisfied. The second burger had been a bit cold which was slightly disappointing. Actually it was so disappointing that I determined to go back and get a piping hot burger. So I walked all the way back and bought a third burger. I wanted to try something new so I ordered a "Rice Burger"... which didn't turn out to be a real burger at all - it was actually a meat and vegetable filling wrapped in two giant rice patties (instead of burger buns). I have to say though that it was actually good...
And of course, a triple burger run isn't complete without DESSERT. I can never resist ice-cream!
So in the end, it was a very happy little solo adventure indeed with two of my favourite things in the world... burgers and ice-cream!!!
I just wanted to share my wonderful food escapade with you all because it made me very happy indeed. So I wanted to share that happiness... and possibly pass on my hamburger craving to you all. haha. 

Happy Hamburger Hunting!


  1. we've tried the rice burger and also deem it delicious!

  2. yahhh! it's surprisingly good! i might go get another one tomorrow! =D

  3. Woahhhh. You can really eat xDDD


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