Friday, October 14, 2011

hilarious happenings: shoe shopping

Okay... too funny. The other day I was shopping with my friend at Mong Kok and I wanted to try on a pair of boots. So the salesgirl brought out the shoes and I was about to try them on... but SUDDENLY, she took out two flimsy-looking plastic bags...the kind that you put groceries in...and told me to put my feet in them before trying on the shoes. I started laughing and asked her if I had to, and she said yes. She then proceeded to kneel down, forced my feet into the bags and started tying them around my ankles. The whole time I couldn't stop laughing because I totally wasn't expecting this kind of intimate foot service and of course my friend had to whip out her iPhone and document the evidence. Although after she had her laugh at me, my friend also wanted to try on a pair of boots so in the end, there were two of us sitting in the middle of the store, laughing, with our feet in bags. HAHA.

 Anyway, here is the picture evidence. I'm not even sure why I'm posting this but I think it's too funny and has to be shared. I'm pretty sure other customers and people walking by the store were laughing.
I did end up getting the boots though... they were like $20CDN... and I'm glad I got them because two days later there was a typhoon and the rest of the week was rainy. It was worth being publicly ridiculed during the purchasing process. =P

1 comment:

  1. lol...i guess they don't let ppl put bare feet into their shoes? too funny though. and do they reuse the plastic bags?!


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