Sunday, November 20, 2011

je veux retourner au Canada...

I finally had time to personalize my room a little this weekend. Since I love old vintage shots but don't own a Polaroid camera, I thought I'd do the next best thing and buy a bunch of Polaroid Paris Postcards. Some of the postcards featured some pretty weird pictures though, like that scary kneeling angel man (see image #3 below) so I cut him out and put in a slightly less creepy picture that Grace sent me (look! It's an actually normal picture of us! haha... how rare). Also featured below are: pictures of my family and Randy, a "LAURA" birthday banner that Grace made, and a photo of my lardball of a bunny, MIKEY, whom I miss very much. 

I guess since November is DEATH MONTH - that final, seemingly-endless stretch before the Christmas Holidays - I've been a bit homesick so I guess to help me count down the days til my visit, I put up this whole friends and family SHRINE haha. yes... SHRINE. Makes it all suddenly sound so much creepier. But I do miss all of you back home and JE T'AIME... hahaha.. isn't everything more elegant in French? 

*au revoir pour maintenant... mais je vais revenir bientôt.*

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  1. love this! lol...yes i am only slightly less creepy than scary kneeling angel man :p


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