Saturday, January 28, 2012

DIY coming soon

I actually have a REAL DIY to post soon. The only problem is that I ran out of thread while making it so I'll have to go get some tomorrow in order to finish my little project. haha. But here's a little preview: 

I was inspired by this post (by Geneva from A Pair & a Spare) where she made a mini-skirt out of a rug. I was walking by a dollar store in Hong Kong the other day and saw the same rugs for sale! I think the colours are a little bit different (the rugs I found are a bit more vibrant and have some splashes of neon), but I immediately bought three and headed home, determined to make something out of them. Since it's wayyyyyyy too cold right now to be wearing mini-skirts (just the thought of it gives my legs goosebumps), I decided to make something else.

 Anyway, I'll post my DIY once I buy that ONE spool of thread that I need.

In the meantime, here's another DIY idea: faux-fur collars! Lately, I've been seeing them everywhere in Hong Kong, and I thought to myself, "these could be made easily". But they're not really my style and I don't know how often I would actually wear it even if I made one haha. But for all you furry fashionistas out there, check out this easy DIY on how to make your own faux-fur collar! 

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