Thursday, January 26, 2012

DIY: Ferrero Rocher Jewelry Boxes

Since it's the season of getting a tonne of ferrero rocher chocolates, you might as well put that leftover box to good use. To be honest, it's a pretty nice plastic box. The one I have comes with a triangle-patterned cover and is perfect for storing some of my chunkier and fancier necklaces and bracelets. I don't know if this really constitutes as a DIY since you don't actually have to DO anything besides placing your jewelry into the box... HAHA. But I did fold a thick piece of black felt and place it on the bottom of the box for extra padding so that the jewelry wouldn't slide around. You could also use black velvet for a fancier look. So there you go... who needs to actually buy an expensive jewelry box!?!

Some other ferrero rocher boxes (usually the ones with multiple layers of chocolates) come with a golden tray that has multiple compartments. This is perfect for storing rings and small earrings. My mom actually does this with her rings, and it keeps everything separated and organized.

Here's an example of how it's done:
(image from owl vs. dove)

These jewelry organization ideas are great for me since I tend to always lose my rings. Now I have no more excuse for misplacing things.

 But I do have a new excuse for buying more ferrero rochers...


  1. that look so fancy
    i got the same box
    but how did you remove the logo ?
    or do have any ideas for cover it

    1. Hmm.. that's weird because I don't remember seeing a logo on mine. I think it was just a sticker. You could try nail polish remover? To cover it though, I would probably find some fabric i liked, or a patch of leather, and glue it over the top the logo. Then I would glue a border of pearl beads around that fabric/leather patch. If I was using a leather patch to cover the logo, I would use gold pen to write a word or short phrase on the leather... kind of like a fancy label. I hope that makes sense... and i hope that helps =D

  2. will my box had a logo and it is hard sticker , i'm loving your ideas .. first of all i thought putting fake Crystal
    but that sounds kinda lame .

    i love the pearls idea .. cuz i'm covering the tray inside with satin .. gold color
    and i think the pearl and the golden satin look great togther

    thank you <3 <3 you were really a big help and an Inspiration <3 <3 <3

    1. thank you for your kind comments! I'm so glad I could be of some help to you... and i'm sure your pearl beads + gold satin box will look fantastic! =)

  3. But how do you get the stickers off?


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