Friday, January 20, 2012

The Mr. Potatohead Exhibit

Yesterday, I went to this Hong Kong mall called "The One" and they had a Mr. Potatohead Exhibit!!! Check out all the awesomely-themed Potatohead collectibles!

MASHLY in love... ha... ha.... No. That's wordplay gone too far.
A Lakers Potatohead...
Star Wars Potatoheads...
...a SUPER CUTE R2D2 Potatohead...
A super creepy Spongebob-gone-wrong Potatopants...
An Elvis Potatohead that doesn't even look like a Potatohead anymore...
 ...and a Spiderman/Ironman/Transformers section! 
 Clearly I was craving some potatoes...
 ...and considering I'm creating an entire blog post on Potatoheads, CLEARLY I'm obsessed.

Look... I even have a video. HAHAHA

Oh, and in the video, when I say "this is totally Randy"... I'm referring to the person, not the adjective. bahahaha

And finally... say hi to my new Mrs. Potatohead coffee cup! 

Anyway, talk to you tater! (did I just type that? ... never again... never again...)...
I just lost my few remaining friends.


  1. lol when i first saw the title of this post, i actually thought it would be an entry about randy, but alas it is much more interesting :p (kiddddddingggggg!.... or am i?) but no this exhibit is SO AWESOMEEEEEEE. why can't they have stuff like this here?!?!?! did you get your fiance a matching mr. potato head coffee cup? we need to find Bride & Groom potato heads.. you can put those at the front of your car on your big day :D

  2. Grace, do you think I don't read Laura's blog? I know are trying to make Laura think that I am an insignificant spider that you think you can squash...nice try but it won't work!

    But I think the potatoheads on the car is a cool idea :)

  3. the rivalry continues...

  4. grace...great idea!

    Laura, that pic of you n mr.potato head...there's the engagement pic, right there. for your invites! :D

    p.s. love the random chinese new years music in the background. just because it's there.



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