Thursday, March 22, 2012

artist spotlight: erin jang + food sketches

I recently stumbled upon a blog called FOOD SKETCHES, and being a food lover, I was instantly intrigued. Erin Jang, of The Indigo Bunting, is a New York graphic designer who started this site as a personal project to document some of the food she eats. Side note: (she also used to be the senior art director at Martha Stewart Living... how cool is that!?!)...

Anyway, with her permission, I'm going to share with you two of my favourite food images from her site! The first is "Parm Birthday Cake" which I particularly love because of the colourful sprinkles. Just looking at this deliciously delectable drawing makes me want to eat cake.

This second image is "Gumballs" which is such a fun, rainbow-coloured print.

To check out more tasty food pics, head over to FOOD SKETCHES here. Just looking at all her images prompted me to create my own "food sketch" with a tribute to one of my favourite foods -
the hamburger.

So here's my version, inspired by Erin's colourful images!

Actually, I've thought of creating a flat 2D burger print like this before as an acrylic painting (and probably will do a large-scale version of it on a giant canvas one day). It would probably make me very very hungry if I saw this print hanging in my living room every day. haha.

 I'd probably try to nibble at the canvas.


  1. i think instead of a giant canvas, it would make the perfect wall mural :)

    1. YES... if a whole wall was painted like that, it would be SPECTACULARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

  2. love love love the burger!!! <3


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