Saturday, March 17, 2012

DIY: Crochet-Pocket Cardigan

I bought this cardigan today for $10CDN - it's cream-coloured with cute crochet pockets on the sides. Funny thing is, I had seen similar cardigans like this and it had actually given me the idea to DIY my own crochet pockets on cardigans I already owned... but this cardigan was so cheap anyway that I succumbed to buying it. (Does that make me a bad DIY-er?) haha. I feel like I've somehow betrayed the crafting community. HAHA. 
It is a really easy project that you could try though. You just need two crochet doilies and a needle + thread to sew them on. I also think it would be cute if you found two small heart doilies to make heart-shaped pockets! My cardigan is a light oatmeal colour but a darker cardigan produces a different look, with crochet pockets that really stand out (like the navy cardigan below). If you have trouble finding small dainty doilies, you could use two big ones and just fold them in half. 

I also wanted to share with you a simple but fabulous tutorial I found online to "fancify" any living space. (fancify? I think I just made up a new gotta admit, it does sound legit!)... 

The tutorial (here) is from Ad Astra per Aspera and it teaches you how to make these lovely heart-shaped doily decorations (below).
 I've actually gotten something similar hanging in my room back in Canada. I basically poked holes in the middle of round paper doilies (of different sizes) and threaded strings of christmas lights through them so that I had a delicate garland of white lights and doilies. Again, an easy way to FANCIFY a room!

"Fancify" (c) copyright 2012, Laura Kwok. 


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  1. this is an awesome diy! i think i'm going to have to put some on something! :) thanks for the inspiration. looove your layout/buttons, so welcoming and cute! I am also in Vancouver! Following you now, hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration! XO


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