Thursday, March 8, 2012

inspiration: dip-dye DIY

I've been seeing a lot of dip-dye/ombre denim lately. I guess it's a toned-down revival of 70's hippie tye-dye. I've been wanting to dye a shirt or two for awhile now, but never seem to get around to it. So meanwhile, here's some dip-dye inspiration, courtesy of Google.

I love the thought of randomly dying a whole bunch of things... tote bags, denim shorts, white t-shirts, and scarves!
I found a simple tutorial online (here) on the whole dip-dye process.
1: dip-dye levi's jacket - Denim Refinery // images 2-5: tumblr // 6: MDP // images 7-8: Blooming Leopold

Happy Dip-DIYing!

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