Tuesday, April 24, 2012

just a little crazyyy...

My super talented friend made this GIF animation of me and Randy... in my defense, we were testing out the multi-shot function on a camera so I was trying to make as many weird faces as I could in 10 seconds... hahaha...

...who knew there were so many awkward possibilities in the realm of facial contortions?!??!?!?

...it's even funnier when this page starts lagging as the animation tries to load, and my face becomes frozen... oh how flattering. =P


  1. You are deff. up in the clouds =P

    come check out my new fringe shorts DIY!

  2. hhhh you deff look like you could be a cartoon

    1. haha definitely... just TODAY, my friend said that i had a very expressive CARTOON face.


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