Thursday, June 7, 2012

PHOTO of the DAY: potato & donut

About a month ago, I started searching for a small backpack. When I saw this one from BAGGU, I  was immediately drawn to it since it reminded me of a POTATO SACK and anything potato is good-to-go. However, I decided to wait before making an impulse buy (also because I had sudden DIY thoughts of whether I could actually make my own backpack out of a potato sack...). When I went back the next week to get it, it was... GONE!

Well as you can see from the picture below you already know that I finally did find the backpack after a month (or it just so happened that they were re-stocked haha). Don't you just LOVE those moments when you find something that you've been looking for after searching for ages and there's only ONE LEFT? This potato and I were meant to be. 

Oh and since I can't resist food plushies (or FOOD in general for that matter), I had to buy that stuffed-toy DONUT as well. It's actually a PET TOY with a squeaker, but I'm sure humans can play with it too!! haha... (same goes for dog food...) just kidding.
Oh and of course, food always looks better with a face... so I gave Mr. Donut here a little personality...


  1. the donut is like a mini version of the one i got you! cute bag!

    1. YES. exactly what i was thinking when i saw it... it's like the other donut's BABY. They shall reunite soon.


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