Wednesday, June 13, 2012

a typical day at work

It's exam time at the moment which means we've got hundreds of papers to mark... and since we know we're all nearing our impending doom in the form of approaching deadlines (they ARE called DEADlines for a reason...) we cope with the stress by being SILLY

This is my desk... well behind this bookshelf (aka. makeshift wall/barrier against the rest of the world). Ironman makes sure that no one intrudes on my personal space.

Today I brought my beloved burger hat to work!

Just like the little red bowtie from yesterday's post, we all took turns posing with the burger. I love how all the coworkers in my department are such GOOD SPORTS when it comes to stuff like this. hahaha.

(From left to right)

first row: the pirate eye-patch, the shoulder pad, the "Chun-Li"
second row: the bulging burger bicep, the original burger, the delusional Thor, the Burger Hat
third row: the pageant sash, the loser fanny pack, the burger bunny
fourth row: the delusional Captain America, burger headphones, and the creepy puppet chef.

haha you guys are the best.

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