Saturday, June 9, 2012

DIY: vintage ring

A long time ago, I posted a DIY about making your own rings (found HERE). Since then, I've basically been carrying around a little heart-shaped box full of vintage earrings, brooches, and other potential knick-knacks that can be refurbished into rings and just haven't gotten around to busting out the superglue to finish the job. Well, A YEAR LATER, I finally took the time to make the rest of them. 

This one here is the first one I made. I had a vintage earring that just happened to fit perfectly into this large, round ring-blank I had. (You can find some simple instructions below).



1) I used pliers to take off the back of the earring.

2) I cut out a round piece of leather to fit into the ring blank.
   The ring blank was quite deep so I used the leather
   to fill up the extra space and to "cushion" the earring.

3) After gluing in the piece of leather, I glued the
    vintage earring on top... and TA DA!
The vintage ring is done! 


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