Tuesday, June 28, 2011

DIY: strawberry costume

A certain bride-to-be who shall not be named (Voldemort!) is scared of strawberries because she hates the seeds. So what better way to surprise her at her bridal shower than dressing up as a GIANT STRAWBERRY!!! (Yes, I am evil). This costume literally takes 5 minutes to make. So without further ado...

materials you will need:
a piece of green felt
a red shirt/top/coat
black fleece material
double-sided tape
fabric scissors

With the green felt, cut a jaggedy piece for the top of the strawberry. It doesn't have to be perfect - just try to shape it so that it fits nicely around the collar of your shirt. 
Cut teardrop-shaped seeds out of the black felt material.
Using double-sided tape, stick the green collar and each black seed onto your red shirt. If you're never going to use the shirt again, you can sew everything on which is much more secure. (My tape wasn't that strong so I was shedding seeds all over the place). 

...and there you have it! 
You'll look like a fool thanks to this tutorial, but if your friends are cool, they'll still love you. haha.

To go along with the whole red theme, I put on some strawberry-esque accessories...

To make up for appearing at her party as her worst fear, I made a card for the bride featuring a strawberry shedding her scary seeds.

I present to you, the Seductive Seedless Strawberry...

As I am writing this right now, my mom just handed me a bowl of real strawberries to eat. I kid you not. Anyway, before I go overboard with this whole strawberry thing I shall end off here. But if you're super desperate for a last-minute costume, at least now you've got a half decent idea. 

-laura :)

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  1. lol so THIS is what you meant by your costume. i likeee it! it's random but very creative.

    ...should i be in fear that you might dress up as a giant shrimp to one of my future gatherings?


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