Tuesday, June 28, 2011

family walk

My parents like to take walks around our neighborhood every night. I joke that my dad is the UNofficial Blockwatch guy in our area because he somehow knows random facts like which houses are shady and used to have marijuana grow-ops. But one fine night, they decided to venture out to the Richmond Dyke so Lawrence and I tagged along for a good ol' wholesome family walk. My brother brought his nice camera so we took some pictures along the way...


This is my favourite picture out of the ones that I took. These honeysuckle flowers (uh okay... I don't think they're actually called honeysuckles) remind me of elementary school because someone told me and my friends that you can take each of the tiny purple petals and suck on the bottom ends of them because they taste like honey. They actually did!!! Does ANYONE else remember doing this, or am I just crazy?
The stalks on this plant looked like celery. 
I was tempted to eat it because I was so convinced that it was.
This was a freakishly cool foreign monster plant that I just liked...
... and THIS shot of two Chinese fishermen looks more like China than Canada.
Now here are some more scenic views that my brother took:
In that last picture, the bird in the bottom right corner is actually a giant hawk that suddenly came out of nowhere and flew towards the fiery mountainous region that looks like MORDOR (Yes! Lord of the Rings reference!) haha.

None of these pictures are photoshopped or altered
 because that's just how beautiful nature is.

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