Sunday, June 19, 2011

fathers are awesome

On Father's Day, my brother and I filmed my dad waking up from his slumber (for no reason other than our amusement). He retaliated by hiding behind his bed and trying to scare us by jumping out (he failed). And that is why my father is hilarious/awesome. Our poor dad had to endure our ridicule but at least I made a nice card for my grandpa... 

*side note: if you're thinking, "Wow! Laura knows how to write GRANDPA in Chinese?!?!", I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but every time I have to write something in Chinese, I force my dad to write the message on a scrap of paper and I copy the characters like a drawing. I try =)
For dinner, we all ate at Kingspark, an asian cafe place that doesn't ever seem to have any female employees. Every time I go it's a waiter sausage fest. ANYWAY, my grandpa and I ordered the same thing - baked filet garoupa and spinach on rice (I have no idea what garoupa is but it tastes good!). This is basically the only thing that I order from that place because they always smother it with a MOUNTAIN of cheese. I think I've got my grandpa hooked on it too! (The love for fattiness is evident in every generation of our family).

Happy Father's Day everyone! 

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  1. too much cheese is not good for old people though :) haha! awww i like the card very much! and your chinese writing is not baddd!


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