Tuesday, June 21, 2011

good ol' Mcdonald's Memories

I've been having a lot of McDonald's lately... A LOT. I think it has to do with the fact that every time I see the golden arches I'm conditioned like Pavlov's dogs (ew... Psych 101 reference) to instantly head for the drive-thru and order a few junior chicken burgers. That and the $1 vanilla iced coffees are tempting. 

Does anyone remember those benches at McDonald's with the giant Ronald statue where you could sit on his lap? Well those are a thing of the past. Someone told me recently that McDonald's is moving away from the Ronald McDonald era because he doesn't really appeal to kids anymore. I was saddened by this news, because as a 90's kid, 
I feel like the world needs more creepy mascots.

So one day I went to McDonald's and got a bib (they're free!), bought a bag of those McDonald's character cookies, and relived my childhood. Thanks to the good sports who were forced to be a part of this adventure.

*on a creepy note: after I took that picture above, I noticed the resemblance to the Ronald McDonald pose on the bag of cookies below!! Oh Ronald and me, we were meant to be...

Have you ever noticed that the McDonald's coffee lid looks like a face? 

In other related news...

A few weeks after that whole incident, I had another McDonald's adventure in the form of a certain 24-year-old who had the brilliant idea to have a McDonald's Birthday Party (best idea ever!!!). So basically it was a whole bunch of 20+year olds in the special party section acting like kids (while actual kids came to watch us wishing they had their own McDonald's party) haha! 

Of course there were special guest appearances...
(apologies for the blurry pictures, I was laughing too hard to take a good shot)

Most hilarious conversation I overheard from a random couple in line:

girlfriend: Hey! Look at the menu... they have specialty coffees now! I might try one.
boyfriend: I'm sorry, what did you say? I'm still looking at the HAMBURGLAR.

We played Pin the Tail on the Dinkey?!
and got to beautify the birthday boy's face!

I gotta say, that for all its artery-clogging obesity-inducing ways, McDonald's is still one of those places where childhood memories are made. Creepy Ronald McDonald nightmares may also occur, but let's end on a happy note shall we? 

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  1. lol what a resemblance! i'm glad you're paying homage to ronald mcdonald...as creepy as he was/is, you're totally right that he was a part of our childhoods!


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