Tuesday, June 21, 2011

create your dreams

I was at Walmart one day and I found these awesome mini-canvases, each with its own mini easel! Instantly I had a million ideas of what I could do with them so I immediately bought three packs, went home, and started my new little project. I thought it would look nice to have all six easels lined up in a row so I decided to paint a word... and what better simple slogan to paint than the word,

 If you notice, I took photographs of the easels on lace doilies and 
scrapbook paper and that's how I created the buttons on the 
<------------------ left side of this blog.

When I was finally finished painting all the canvases, I went photo-crazy 
and took pictures of the little squares all around my house =)

Find inspiration from all the little things around you,
and remember, when you're inspired, you can always...


  1. so cute! Cherie has a bunch of mini canvases, steal some from her ahaha. i think she got hers at opus.

  2. i love all these pictures! esp the first one on the guitar!

  3. wow! that's so creative!
    you're creative!


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