Friday, June 24, 2011

thrift-store hopping

I don't go bar-hopping. But I am quite obsessed with my PG version of fun which is to go thrift-store hopping.  I love finding something old/rejected and claiming it as new-found treasure. For me, it beats mall-shopping ANY DAY.

Today I had an awesome time going to three different thrift stores with my little brother Lawrence. I love spontaneous sibling adventures (as in, "let's take the car and drive somewhere...") and this one was definitely random. The first place we went to was the S.P.C.A. Thrift Mart, which basically looks like an abandoned warehouse filled with everything you can imagine from old relics like an antique typewriter, an obsolete PS1, and a trumpet from the 1920's, to an assorted collection of functional furniture, a See by Chloé blouse, and a fairly new XBOX360 + Wii.

I mean... look at all this stuff!!!
I love this vintage cupboard with porcelain floral doorknobs...
and the mounds of old 90's VHS tapes that basically sum up my entire childhood...
I was tempted to get that Lion King poster on the wall but I refrained.
After that, we went to Value Village, which I feel is more of a "mainstream thrift store". I say that because it's a lot more well-known and more people go to it. They've got a lot of pretty things like this dainty teacup (below) but they've also got some pretty CREEPY things as well (scroll down below to witness the atrocities)...
(left): those udders are just asking to be pulled.   
 (right): kids will never learn to save money with that kind of piggy bank.
(below):  I have no words...
(left): Creepiest thing alive. (right): It's a penguin with the abs of an ape.
In the end, I'd say Lawrence and I had quite a successful thrifting trip. We didn't end up buying any of those scary figurines from Value Village, but we did find a few treasures at the S.P.C.A. Thrift Mart...
Lawrence got a super comfortable and stylish metal office chair + old-school Apple stickers and I got a leather bag, a huge crochet blanket, and a lace doily. The guy at the store was so nice - he gave everything to us for $15. =) 
Thrift stores aren't for everyone. But if you're willing to give them a chance, you might find some pretty awesome (or creepy) things!!! 

Happy thrifting =P


  1. bahahahahs that golfer figurine is hilarious! what a pose lol

  2. It looks a lot of fun, i wish i had that kind of stores in my city...
    Love the las bag!
    My Fashion Bug

  3. you know that duck behind the golf man, my mom got one that looks just like it on yesterday at the steveston one! we should go thrift-store hopping again!


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