Saturday, August 6, 2011

my new toyfriend

Hello everyoneee! I'm still in Hong Kong and still surviving the heat. My computer officially died this week so I haven't really been able to go on the Internet much at all. But I did borrow my brother's MacBook Pro long enough to create this short and hopefully semi-interesting post! :) And... I did go out and buy a new $5 computer of my own...
In MUCH BETTER news, I reunited with Randolph who surprised me with an early birthday present...a Canon Rebel T2i! BEST PRESENT EVERRRR!!!!!!
We started experimenting with it right away. Here are some randoms!
So while my online blogging habits are temporarily delayed, it looks like I've got a new toy to keep me busy. I'm just learning how to use it but seriously, it's so much fun to experiment with! My next post shall be filled with beautiful pictures taken with my new camera. ;) 

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