Tuesday, August 16, 2011

craft challenge!

Hello everyoneee! It's been awhile since I've posted but I'm still alive and surviving. I still don't have my own computer yet so I blame my bad blogging on that, among other things. I've been really busy actually and I haven't had as much time to draw or play music or create things as much as I'd like. So... today's post will be showcasing something SPECTACULAR that someone else has created!

Remember these random felt objects that I made awhile ago? I didn't have time to do anything with them...
So... before I left for Hong Kong, I gave these four felt objects to four creative girls and told them that while I was gone, they had one month to think of something to make using their felt flower or heart. I just thought this would be fun (forcing others to make things for my own amusement... haha) but of course they get to keep whatever they make at the end. I actually don't know if all of them have finished their mini masterpieces yet, but Angel was the first one to send me pictures of her creation. Here it is...


I think it's absolutely awesome! 
I love the teal - it's one of my favourite colours! I think it looks fabulous especially with all the pockets and zippers. It's definitely useable and durable too. Anyway, I hope this inspires you because I love seeing what other people make and sharing ideas like this.

If you're interested in my little craft challenge, let me know and I'll try to send you something random so you can make your own masterpiece! :)

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  1. In the first picture, the wallet looks like a teal nintendo DS. :)


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