Friday, August 19, 2011

sweating like beasts in Macau

During our Hong Kong trip, we took a day trip to Macau. Here are some pictures. (Most of these were taken with my new SLR... until I ran out of batteries haha)... sidenote: none of these pictures have been photoshopped or corrected because I'm way too lazy but I think they turned out pretty well!
First, we went to this weird area where everything was deserted and empty. It was so hot I'm pretty sure I got heat stroke from walking around.
 I think they tried to copy the Coliseum and other non-Asian type buildings. 
It was a pretty good place for random pictures though... CHEESY RANDOM PICTURES.
(I like how in that last picture, my brother is in the reflection). 
Afterwards, we went to this huge mall that was all Venetian themed...
...complete with a fake river with gondola rides where the rowers serenade you!
Family shot! One of the few normal ones...
Finally, after hours of walking we took a food break... with PLENTY of POTATOES!!! =D I have to admit that I was starting to get extremely cranky from hunger (one of my food moods again).
When my hunger beast was appeased, we continued our trek to the Historic Centre of Macau. Along the way, my brother's best friend - Freddy the Frog - found a giant field of lilypads to swim in.
If you ever visit Macau, this monument is one of those huge tourist destinations that you have to visit. We walked all the way to the top (the most exercise I've done in awhile)... seriously, we were all like sweaty beasts the entire day. Walking in Macau = hot Yoga! 
Near the monument there's a small mountain on the right hand side that you can walk up and take beautiful views of the entire city. If you survived walking up all those stairs, it's worth it to walk up a bit more and see the view.
One of my random favourite pictures of the day is this one of me and Randy. My mom was clearly being a stalker when she took this shot. 
Anyway, there's my quick photo update. I hope these vacation pictures are mildly interesting to you all but you know it's been hard for me to do more art-related posts with so many places to visit and things to see!

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  1. loveee the pictures! esp the shots of you in that door frame! i spy some cute shoes with bows!


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