Tuesday, August 23, 2011

i'm like a bird, i only fly away

I love birds. (Not real birds but fake ones... bird jewelry, paintings, prints, etc.) So when I found these vintage style necklaces in a Hong Kong mall for $3CDN each, I had to buy them. 
Oh and I finally found a crochet/lace blazer - something I've been wanting for awhile now... plus a tiny hat with feathers and flowers, just for added extravagance.
AND... a bird ring. Can you tell I'm obsessed?
Oh and by the way, in my spare time I've been playing Angry Birds a lot. Anyway, all of this bird hunting made me want to draw something bird-themed. So today I decided to stay home for awhile and take some time out to DOODLE. This is what I came up with.
Since I'm living at my relative's place temporarily, I just used tape to stick them to the inside of the closet wall for now. Also, since they're like mini picture frames, I have yet to think of some inspirational/witty quotes to write inside them. Any suggestions?
Since I'm showcasing my bird addiction, here are some other vacation pictures of an area near Tsim Tsa Tsui where I just happen to be wearing my crochet blazer and posing with a giant birdcage. 
If you look carefully in the last picture, I think that tiny white dot is a shooting star in the sky... or just a piece of dust. haha.

Anyway, I'm off to play more Angry Birds... and kill some more green piggies!!!

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