Sunday, September 25, 2011

my birthday weekend

This weekend, I celebrated my first birthday ever away from home. My birthday was on Friday, which is always my busiest work day, so honestly I was just trying to survive and go home to rest. But my birthday weekend turned out to be awesome after all, thanks to my wonderful coworkers, relatives, and people back home.

My coworkers surprised me with a huge mango cake at the office...
...which I consumed wholeheartedly. (I wasn't sure if my friend wanted his face featured on my blog so I gave him a new and improved face lift).
Some of my other friends at work gave me this AWESOME present... they decorated the cover of an art sketchbook (which I will definitely use during moments of boredom). I LOVE IT.
Haha... We've only known each other for a month but they already know my quirks and obsessions (floral prints, random birds, and BURGERSSSSS)...
I love this drawing so much! It so accurately illustrates my continual quest for the perfect burger.
After work, we went to eat ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT SUSHI where they had fancy sashimi served with dry ice?! 
I also got some gifts from people back home... my mom sent me some Canadian leaves...HAHA!
And Randy sent me some Canucks pride (I totally laughed at the random man)...
Then on Saturday, my relatives in Hong Kong took me out for some amazingggg Thai food! I ordered this DUCK DISH just because it was a duck (it's curry in a duck bowl with a baked piece of bread on top). But actually it was REALLY GOOD. So good that I drank the curry sauce as soup... (I tend to do that a lot actually)...
...and my cousin bought me a whole box of MAGIC MACAROONS which were DELICIOUS. 
Oh and this is unrelated to all the birthday things but today (Sunday) during lunch I ate the biggest pizza I've ever seen.
Um... just LOOK AT IT. It doesn't even fit on the table. Look at the pizza dish in relation to the regular-sized plate. Yes... it's a monstrosity indeed. And it was marvelous.

Okay so right now as I'm looking at all these pictures, I just realized that this weekend I had birthday cake, all you can eat sushi, a huge Thai feast, five macaroons (yes I ate them all in one day) and the biggest pizza in the world. People don't call me fatso for nothing. =P


  1. HAHAHAHA.. You've almost outdone yourself, fatso! :P
    Happy Birthday again.. seeing your pics makes me feel even more sad that you're so far. I wanna eat all those yummy things with you! I hope you took note of all the restaurant names and addresses so you can take your fabulous friend from new york to try! Your co-workers are so thoughtful.. how did they know you had an obsession with birds and burgers? Imagine if someday someone draws a bird in a burger for you! 0.o`

  2. Whoa! Exciting weekend :) u missed the part about u falling asleep while we were talking on Skype :)


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