Tuesday, September 20, 2011

the story of how i got LEFT BEHIND.

Greetings dear friends. This is a long overdue post explaining my extended absence in Canada (if anyone cared to notice haha). It’s been exactly two months since I landed here in Asia for an intended one month vacation, and yet I’m still here sweating away in Hong Kong’s 24/7 hot-yoga-workout weather. And I will be here for the next year. This is the summarized version of how I got LEFT BEHIND in Hong Kong.

The story began while I was on vacation with my family (supposedly from mid-July to mid-August). But somewhere amidst all our holiday escapades, I was given an opportunity to apply as an English teacher at a school in Hong Kong. After much thought, prayer and stress-induced acne, I decided to take the risk, extend my plane ticket and stay in Hong Kong to go through the interview process while my family flew back to Canada. So it turned out that while five of us went on vacation, only four came back. Evidently, these family vacations can be dangerous things.

After all the interviews, I was officially hired and thus is the story of the most random occurrence of my life, to date. The decision though was not random because I honestly knew that God was calling me to stay here for a year to improve my teaching, learn how to be an INDEPENDENT WOMAN (cue in Destiny’s Child hit single) and hopefully become a less awkward/somewhat socially acceptable member of society. Everything during this time was a hectic blur of events blended with a whole stew of bipolar emotions and honestly it was a crazy time for me. The day after I got hired, I attended my first staff meeting, started work right away, and since then it’s been insanity in both good and bad ways. I’m learning to cope with so many aspects of my new life (ie. a new career, culture shock, and constant creepers, just to name a few). But amidst all the new changes, I’m learning to wake up with purpose every day, knowing God will take care of me in His unpredictable ways (ha, forced rhyme).

I miss everyone in Canada but right now I do feel like I’m having the adventure of a lifetime. I think it’s kind of funny because I started this blog with the intention of it being more of a way to share my art, but it’s starting to turn into a means of sharing my life with all of you back home (and the occasional random lurkers who happen to stumble upon this and are welcome to continue stalking). So here’s to a new chapter of my life (oh man, cliché overload) and as quoted from the awesome movie UP, “ADVENTURE IS OUT THEREEEEE!!!” (you know I’m lacking in sleep when the sentences I write start making you shake your head and back away slowly).

Another little moment I wanted to share with you is from a day trip to Stanley - a little slice of Hong Kong nature that is absolutely gorgeous. There's an amazing ocean view with huge rocks and greenery all around. That day was significant for me because I remember that when I was standing on top of that giant rock, it suddenly dawned on me that I might be staying in Hong Kong alone for a long period of time. It was a little daunting to be faced with such unfamiliarity but I also felt excitement about THE UNKNOWN.

I know in the months ahead there will be some days where I will feel like I'M THE KING OF THE WORLDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (unnecessary Titanic reference)...
...and on other days I'll be longing to return to a place of comfort and security.
But I hope that through this overseas experience I'll be able to stand tall and keep on smiling through it all.
I'm stepping out on my own and taking on the challenge of living in a foreign country...
...and I hope that all of you wonderful people back home will send me lots of Vancouver food through the mail because I am massively craving some good sushi rolls and an obese burger. 

Anyway, this is the longest blog post I have ever written but I thought it was necessary to at least say hello and tell you that I’m alive and surviving. So that's my story...although I did contemplate telling you all some far-fetched story of how my parents secretly wanted to get rid of me so they booked me a one-way ticket and left me in some shady Hong Kong alleyway... come to think of it, that's actually not that far-fetched. haha but really... they think it's a good experience for me and my mom joked that even though now I'm 100000000 miles away, we actually communicate more often than when I lived in the next room. Anyway, I know poor Randy has had to explain my sudden disappearance to people so hopefully this long ramble will clarify my whereabouts. I know I didn't even get to say goodbye to any of you, but I shall resurface one of these days when you least expect it... until then, watch out for large, suspicious garbage bags on your doorstep or human-sized boxes on your lawn.

Miss you all!



  1. this is indeed a new side of you...you are wearing a backpack!! i really am hoping to find suspicious bags or boxes on my lawn any one of these days! hurry up & make it happen please. and my lawn, before randy's :p cute shoeeees, btw. miss youuuuuuu.

  2. I was just gona say.. CUTE SHOES! :P I miss you so much but I know this is all a part of God's greater plan for you. Continue to be open to experience all that you can while you're out there..
    I will keep praying for you. Until then, please stay in touch with me. <3

  3. Gah!!! my two rivals beat me to the comment page!!!

    um... to continue the trend...cute shoes... haha

  4. well, since everyone has said it...cute shoes!

    ha. I'm with grace. the first thing I noticed in the pictures was the backpack. glad to know you're coping and I am volunteering my parents as carrier mules. They will be with you at the end of this month. sort of. :)

  5. I love your oxfords!
    I will be shopping with yen or Clarence and we will see some clothes or cute dainty things and we will be "that's so Laura!"

    If theres any craft things you need just tell me and I'd be happy to ship stuff over to you. I get discounts from michaels :)

    Have a safe and fun journey!
    We've been praying for u! :)

  6. Lurkers will continue lurking ... congratulations on learning independence and living your life to its fullest!

  7. Congratulations on the position!!

    I hope you have an amazing year, I'm sure you'll come back with so many incredible experiences. Never mind that an experienced ESL teacher will be in high demand back in the Lower Mainland! :)

    Wishing you all the best.

  8. Miss U Laura!!! Can't wait for that suspicious garbage bag or human-sized box on my lawn. Or even better, in front of our church!!! Now that's a surprise worth experiencing together XD!!! Oh & <3 ur shoes too!!! Take Care <3 - Jamie~Jellow

  9. We all miss you! Keep updating this blog so we know what you are up to!


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