Saturday, October 22, 2011

DIY: from shirt to skirt

I bought a shirt.

The first time I put it on, the whole top part ripped off.

I guess you can't really expect much from a shirt that cost the same as a McDonald's meal.

It was very sad because I couldn't wear it like this anymore.

So I took some scissors and cut it in half.

And now I can wear it as a skirt.

Okay so the "before and after" shots don't look that different because in the skirt picture I'm wearing a black top so it still looks like the original shirt. But it actually is a skirt and I belted it at the waist so it would stay on. haha.

You can do this with all kinds of shirts (I'm already surveying my closet to see if I can turn any more shirts into skirts...). Just make sure you use fabric glue or sew the hem at the waist so the fabric doesn't fray. I would suggest sewing a ribbon or a band of fabric at the top of your shirt skirt so that you can adjust the waist size and wear it comfortably.

Have fun cutting up your clothes!


  1. I just cut up a couple of old t-shirts to make scarves! So fun and I didn't have to sew anything and it only took like 10 minutes to make each one!

  2. that's awesome!!!! show me pictures or tell me how you did it! i'm sure they look amazing! =D



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