Monday, October 31, 2011

DIY: making medusa

So this past weekend, I went to a costume party! I originally intended to make a hamburger costume from scratch, but I had absolutely no time to even get fabric and attempt such an impossible feat. So I went to the Salvation Army and found a greek goddess dress for a couple dollars. Now in previous years, I've dressed up as an old grandma, a telletubby, a hobbit, and a power ranger, just to name a few. I despise generic cute/pretty costumes, so I hated to settle for such an extremely boring costume choice and felt the need to add some kind of DIY element to it.

So when my friend suggested that I go as MEDUSA, I instantly started looking for rubber snakes to put in my hair. Unfortunately, the rubber snake market in Hong Kong is either so popular that they were all sold out, or so obscure that no store would even sell such a thing (it's probably the second one). So I decided that I would have to make my own head of snakes. 

I bought a hairband, some thin green wires, and some green felt. I went home with the intent of sewing some snakes together and then I realized I didn't even have a needle. Luckily, I ended up not needing a needle and this little DIY turned out fine without any sewing at all.

All I did was just cut the green felt into strips, and wrap each one tightly around a wire.
I ended up adding a few more wires onto the hairband and twisting my own hair around them. So in the end, this is how it turned out. Here's Medusa creeping on the cutest little red riding hood EVER!!
By the way, my friend's red hood was made by a seamstress in Hong Kong for less than $10CDN! It's ridiculously cheap here to get things tailor-made. I should just commission someone to make me a hamburger costume. haha.
 Anyway, even though this Medusa get-up was not one of my better costume attempts, it was a quick/cheap/easy one to make since I was pressed for time and put it together a few hours before the party. Unfortunately, when I got to the party a bunch of people took one look at me and thought I was either "THE STATUE OF LIBERTY" or a "TREE WOMAN". HAHAH. Costume fail.

Ohwell... I am STILL set on making a hamburger costume one of these days... even if I don't have another costume party to go to. That's one thing that is definitely TOP PRIORITY on my DIY To-Do List.

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