Monday, October 31, 2011

DIY: wire and lace ring

When I don't make things for a long time, I suddenly get random late-night craft ideas. This is dangerous because I get super excited and can't sleep until I've completed my spontaneous project. Anyway, this particular inkling of inspiration came while I was blogging about my Medusa costume and how I made snakes using felt and wire... and then my mind started wandering to the different kinds of jewelry I could make using wire. So I immediately started gathering up random fabric scraps like a crazed, sleep-deprived vulture and came up with this quick DIY wire + lace ring.

All you need is:

step one. start wrapping the wire to create a circular ring.
 *note: make the circle a little larger than the finger that you want the ring to go on.
 step two. take some ribbon and wrap it all around the wire. when you get to the end, use one end of the wire to wrap around the ribbon and secure it.
 step three. take some lace and tie a knot around the ring.
step four. bring both ends of the lace towards the centre of your knot. use some thread to tie (or sew) the lace down. this should make a lace bow.
 step five. you can just leave the ring as a simple lace bow, or you can add some other decorations (beads, buttons, etc...). I found a pearl bead and decided to add that to the middle of my lace bow.
 Here's the finished product! I'm pretty happy with it but I think I can make nicer rings if I invest in more materials. haha. I was literally scrounging around my room for scraps and barely had enough ribbon to make this one.
 I hope my instructions were clear - if you have any questions, just send me a message! =)


  1. oooh pretty! i just realized DIY rings mean they can be made to fit my abnormally small fingers! whoaaa.

  2. Oh! I love this! I do have some fabric scraps so this will be fun to do. (She says as she is literally looking and grabbing scraps and pearls off her bedroom floor...) I'm going to start now! Thanks for the cool idea and keep posting!!!! :)


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