Saturday, November 5, 2011

an ode to piggies

I like pigs. Maybe because I am one when it comes to food. So here's a totally random post on pigs for no reason other than the fact that I have a whole bunch of pig pictures on my camera.

1. the cutest pig bag ever.
2 & 3. pig scissors!!! (which is the reason I got them).
4. pig with a chainsaw + laura pig. which one is creepier?

Yah... somehow I don't think that last picture really goes with the others. And you were probably staring more at the creepily large, botox-infused bicep bulging out of that guy's arm. Am I right? Everyone who saw this picture was like, "Whoa... that guy's arm is massive". It takes porkchop to a whole other level. Man...I bet his arm is thicker than my thigh...

Anyway, my apologies if this post was too random/boring. But thus is my life lately. haha. I'll update you all next time when I have something spectacular worth showing. =P


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