Saturday, November 5, 2011

new beginnings

I was just looking through some old folders on my computer and I came across this massive mehndi-inspired doodle which I almost forgot about. I did this last year during a 3-hour lecture. It's called multi-tasking haha... 

But seriously, seeing this picture just reminded me of when I had more free time to draw and create (during University lectures haha). I actually miss going to school so much... it's easier to be a student than a teacher!... and of course I miss my hilarious ladies who made school so fun. These are the girls who persuaded me to start a blog in the first place. So you can thank them (or blame them... HAHA!) depending on what you think of my blog. hahaha. 

Now we've all graduated and moved to different places and it's kinda sad because I miss being in that comfortable college bubble. Sometimes it's tough to act like a grown-up (haha, key word being "act") and have a real job. I am evidently in a nostalgic mood right now and clearly rambling. Anyway, this post is dedicated to my favourite lurkers from the dungeon... you girls accept me even though I'm crazy and you always motivate me to be less lazy! ;)

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