Sunday, October 9, 2011

fatty foods: the dessert edition

Here is yet another edition of FATTY FOODS that I've been eating. Don't worry, Mom and Dad, these were eaten before I got sick (*cough* possibly from eating too much McDonald's *cough*) but they were delicious and I thought I would share. I really don't know if you guys are even interested in looking at my food pictures but I shall flaunt them shamelessly anyways haha. All you fellow food lovers out there will appreciate it! 

Anyway, I love it when my food has personality. So I was especially ecstatic when my little ice-flake dish (yes that's what it was called on the menu) came as a little angry monster whose rage-face screams: "EAT ME!!! RAWR!!!"
Another super delicious dessert is this egg pudding which I only ordered because in the image it showed the pudding in an actual egg. But when it came it was in a glass eggshell. It was really good though - the only complaint I had was that it was too small. But I guess there's something called "portion control" and not being too gluttonous... something I still have yet to learn...
Later, I ordered another 6 for takeout and they came in REAL eggshells!
The last awesome dessert I wanted to show you was in this small little cafe where they served French Toast Cubes smothered in condensed milk and butter. I actually never liked french toast until I tried the type served at asian-style cafes and now I can't stop ordering it.
I happened to bring along my guitar and ended up writing a song called "Cafe", in the cafe. If I have the guts to post it sometime I might, but realistically I probably won't. haha.
Okay last food-related thing. Can you see what restaurant that is below?
Yeah... it's PIZZA HUT... I don't know what kind of Pizza Huts you have where you live but where I'm from, they're actually huts... like shady, dirty, creepy, old huts. But Pizza Hut here is actually sort of a fancy restaurant, which I thought was hilarious. All of the ones in Hong Kong are nicely-decorated, clean, and the food is decent. I was shocked and amazed. hahaha. Anyway I just thought I'd let you Canadians know what you're missing. And don't even get me started on KFC... I think it's much better here too - the first time I went, I felt like my eyes and tastebuds were opened to a whole new world of the deep-fried chicken variety. There are so many more options and flavours here that every time I see Colonel Sanders' jolly old face I am tempted to buy a bucket of spicy fried chicken, waffle fries, and portugese egg tarts. It's dangerous I tell you.

Wow, I really could talk forever about food but it's really just not the same as EATING some. So that is what I'll do. bye!

Fried chicken awaits.


  1. haha no, not the 6 take-away egg puddings... (although i could have....) hahaha.

  2. that egg pudding thing looks amazingggg. i want to try. is it good? it's like a custard?

  3. yah i guess it's like custard but not as creamy... i don't know how to describe it... just that it IS amazing! hahaha


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