Sunday, October 9, 2011

meet my little monster

It's been a looooooong two days of isolation from the world haha. I was stuck at home with a fever and I pretty much didn't leave my bed except to crawl like a sedated sloth to the kitchen and get medicine. I did get rest which was much needed but there was no Internet at home so I had to find other ways to amuse myself. Luckily, I had my new guitar to sing away the time and I also had some scraps of fabric at my creative disposal. Since I had all the time in the world, I made a little monster to keep me company!
 I was huddled in my blankets sewing, and I totally felt like I was making a little Frankenstein baby. And yes, there may have been some creepy rocking-back-and-forth action happening.
This is my piggy with a wild Elvis doo before getting his head stuffed.
 And here he is... all stitched up!
I'm quite proud of my little piggy. I have yet to think of a name for him so maybe you can suggest something. I was thinking... Bacon (yes, how morbid), or Hamlet (get it? ham? pity laugh), or how about you think of something equally or more awesome than my two spectacular names.

By the way, I am feeling much better today - well enough to come out of hiding... and today I went to the Chinese doctor where they ask you intimate physical questions and then prescribe you this thick disgusting black soup filled with unknown ingredients that supposedly makes you feel better while you nervously wonder whether the doctors are just secretly laughing at all us fools who actually believe in the magical properties of the weeds that they picked from their own backyards. While I was waiting I was looking around at all the weird medicine jars and I saw furry antler horns, flattened flying squirrels, dead seahorses, and many many containers of giant unrecognizable fuzzy balls. Not sure what those were, but when I was picking up my own medicine mixture, I was pretty sure I saw some sort of coccoon/larvae/dried worm thing in there somewhere. sick......... and hurrah, I get to drink that tonight! I have rambled on enough for today =P


  1. hahaha, when i saw the picture with your little piggy's tail, i thought it was his embillical(?) cord...

  2. HAHAHAHA! that is too funny. I should have made an embillical cord too so it's got two curly things sticking out from both sides. awkward......


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