Wednesday, October 5, 2011

fatty foods

I really need to start eating healthy. But while I'm attempting to convince myself that a deep-fried potato is not the only tasty vegetable out there, here are some fatty foods that I have been consuming lately. 

Um. Okay. Have you ever seen a giant pineapple bun THIS BIG? It's bigger than my head. And yes, I ate it for lunch one day.
 I've been trying to stop depending on McDonald's as my only food supply (I am eating a filet-o-fish and 2 hashbrowns as we speak...and I'm not even joking)... but I have not been able to resist their "Shake Shake" Fries. It's basically salty seaweed powder but the sodium dose is addicting.
Potatoes are the best vegetable ever. The only other vegetables I like are these ones from IKEA!
Ikea somehow reminds me of home. Maybe because all the displays and products look the same as the ones in Canada.
And of course since this post is about fattiness, we can't forget the classic IKEA ice-cream.
Since I've been here, I've also had Japanese takoyaki (octopus) balls... which actually weren't that great but I ordered it because it "looked good". One thing you have to be careful about in Hong Kong is that the pictures can be deceiving and you never really know what the ACTUAL meal looks like... haha!
And the last fatty food pifcture for today is this DEEP-FRIED WONTON which was basically 99% deep-friedness and 1% whatever was supposed to be inside the wonton.
In commemoration of all these delicious meals, here is (YET ANOTHER) food doodle. It makes my dollar-store notebook less boring. Are you guys tired of my food doodles yet? I actually have a couple more variations in my sketchbook that have accumulated over the years... but personally, I don't think drawing fatty foods EVER gets old. haha.


  1. the fries look amazingggggg. i remember having shake-shake fries in hk when i was a kid. i had takoyaki from Osaka Today on Tues and thought of you :)

  2. i would like to try the shake-shake fries next time. asia has better food...unhealthy, delicious, food...

  3. yes shake shake fries ARE amazing... and grace, i miss GOOD takoyaki. =(

  4. :0 shake shake fries are back?!?!?!? Omggg
    Seaweed, French onion hmmm,. THEYRE ALL SOOOO GOOOD. do u think u could mail me the packets HAHA!


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