Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happy Birthday

Today is my mom’s birthday. So I wanted to draw her a little something to say, “Hi! I remembered!” (even though she wrote me an email reminding me, haha!)

I remember my mom would always tell me on MY birthday that I really should be celebrating HER accomplishment, since she was the one who gave birth to me on that day. So Mom, if you do still go by that theory, say hi to Grandma for me.
 The verse on the side is something that she always sings to me and my brothers when we head out the door. Usually we all just run away as fast as possible, but today I thought I’d send it as a blessing back to you, Mom! Happy <<insert preferred age here>> Birthday!
 Oh and I guess the little girl is some childhood version of me? 
Anyway, Mom, since you finally discovered this secret blog of mine, here's a post dedicated to you since it's your special day! How old are you again? 30-something? =) 



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