Saturday, November 12, 2011


I stumbled upon this post from Brassy Apple, a blog that has a megaload of great ideas. This particular project involves ANGRY BIRDS and setting up a backyard version of the game using toy blocks and ROCKS! Seriously, how awesome is that?! I think my MOM would especially enjoy this idea since she stoned a RAT to death at our front door using three rocks (then asked me to clean up the mess). She'd probably be pretty good at this game. I would totally do this except that in Hong Kong, there is no such thing as a backyard and if i tried this from my high-rise flat, I'm pretty sure multiple casualties and an arrest would ensue. 

For the original post at Brassy Apple, click here!


  1. thanks for sharing my tutorial and idea! :)

  2. no problem! it's such an awesomely creative idea, i had to share it!


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