Saturday, November 12, 2011

DIY: adjustable wire + fabric ring

Awhile ago, I went to a trendy little mall in Tsim Tsa Tsui called "DNA" and found a small store that sold flat plastic ornaments like these. So I bought these three with the idea of turning them into rings. I wasn't sure how I would do it until I bought some wire at the dollar store and thought up a quick and easy way to make rings, similar to my wire + ribbon ring, but this time it's even easier because instead of sewing or using thread, I just used an ingenious invention called FABRIC TAPE.
So all you need for this is:
*fabric tape
 (with a flat back)
step 1. cut the wire to your desired length (enough to wrap around your finger). i cut three pieces and then twisted them together to form a sturdy ring.
step 2. cut the fabric tape into a thin strip and wind it around the ring to cover the wire. (as you can see in the image below, i covered the ends first because they're quite sharp. then i wound a thin strip around the rest of the ring).
At this point, you could actually just wear the fabric ring as is. Here I'm wearing one made of the pink and white polka dot print, and another one that's a beige floral print.
step 3. the fabric tape i got was quite strong so all i needed to do was cut a piece of tape and adhere the ring to the flat base of my plastic ornament. I think I might eventually add a dab of superglue though just in case.
That's basically it. Simple, right?
Here's the first one I made - a popsicle ring!
So there you have it - super simple wire + fabric rings. I think the best part about this method is that these rings are adjustable, so you can size them perfectly for your own fingers. Anyway, all of these rings are making me crave dessert! It's time for me to sleep though so I suppose I shall have to settle for an ice-cream dream. =P


  1. So adorable and easy to make!! I can't wait to do little projects like these with you and hunt down little goodies in the land of the unknown :P


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