Saturday, November 12, 2011

my little cubicle

 Today I spent a very productive few hours organizing my desk and cleaning up all my clutter so I could finally show you my work area. Mom and Dad, this is two months overdue, but this is where I work.

I bought some "stick-on" floral and wood wallpaper to cover the grey walls of my little cubicle.
You might recognize some of the decorations on my desk (like the felt birds and leaves from this post and of course Mr. Hamlet from this post).
I've also put up some wonderful little post-it messages from my coworkers...
and colourful bird clips!
I haven't decided what to put on that blank blue poster on the left, but I'm thinking that it could turn into an extremely snazzy doodle wall.
So here you go... this is my cubicle!
 I'm quite happy that I finally took some time to personalize my space. Now the real challenge is keeping up this immaculate organization!
I think desk decor can tell you a lot about a person so I'm always curious to see other people's work spaces. What does your work area look like, and how do you personalize it?


  1. Wow it's artsy, even for you! You must be the eccentric/crazy one in the office haha! Did you have to buy all the trays and paper holders yourself? When you come back, you have to clean up your act and do the same to your room.

  2. haha, why would i ever be eccentric or crazy? that is unheard of. hahaha ;)

    yah i had to buy everything... the wooden rack, the paper holders and trays... and ofcourse all the unnecessary decor stuff. it was all cheap tho.. mostly from ikea and the dollar store. hopefully i can keep it looking this artsy and neat!


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