Wednesday, March 14, 2012

autobots, roll out!

I like to collect little trinkets and knickknacks - you never know when they'll come in handy for a craft! Awhile back, I found a little shop that sold plastic pendants. I thought this Transformers one was pretty cool so I bought it with the intention of using it one day. I think it makes a pretty awesome Autobots ring. 
...plastic pendants like these are also great for adding some PIZZAZZ to a plain picture frame (and yes, I just said pizzazz).
 While we're on the subject of Transformers, here's something a friend showed me awhile ago. I didn't draw this (although it kind of looks like something I would draw?)... but the image below makes me smile. =) 
This was drawn by a super talented Visual Artist named Avid Liongoren. You can actually purchase this print  on a T-shirt, as an iPhone skin or laptop cover, or on a canvas here. Also, check out more awesome art at Mister Avid Draws.
If I did have an iPhone, this would be a pretty sweet case!

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