Tuesday, March 13, 2012

inspiration: geometry

Math was always my weakest subject in school (yes, I'm a disgrace to the Asian race) but I did love geometry, or at least making tessellations (which is arguably more artsy than math-related)... Lately I've had a mini obsession with triangles... (with the exception of the illuminati symbol haha). I'm drawn to patterns that contain triangles, diamonds, chevrons, or other geometric shapes!

Here are some of my favourites...

...an art print by Michelle Tavares of calamari studio
("The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" - Eleanor Roosevelt)

a chevron paper print by designer Sasha Prood

a gold tribal-triangle necklace from House of Harlow

a double triangle necklace from Threadsence

a chevron-print painting by Jeff Depner

a geometric bear brooch by Sketch Inc.

an ASOS pyramid metal tip clutch
a mociun triangle ring 

a colourful tortoise art print by Melanie Mikecz of twoems

a chevron-printed quilt from Amish Country Quilts

a geometric restaurant mural discovered by Apartment Therapy

and these beautiful paintings by Mark Warren Jacques - I would love these prints for my bare, white, (and currently moldy) walls!

While we're on the topic of triangles, I found a great tutorial on how to make BUNTING (which is basically a garland of festive flags strung in a row). The Vanilla Joy tutorial on how to make the fabric flags (below) can be found here.

If you would like some free printables, a whole BUNTING ALPHABET designed by Two Brunettes is available here.

I love the idea of having bunting flag garlands strewn around the ceiling or along the walls for a casual low-key wedding. It's a cheap, easy, and colourful way to throw in some festive flair. 

image from Wedzu

Anyway, how did we get from geometric shapes to weddings? haha... I digress. My challenge for myself this week is to come up with my own geometrical work of art, whether it be a simple sketch or a full-on painting. (Probably don't have any time for the latter, but we shall see). 

In the meantime, why don't we get to know each other a little better, and you tell me YOUR favourite shape? Are you a circular person? Or are you a SQUARE? haha. Leave me a comment! 

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  1. i want that bunting for my room! take out the guitar print and add in some dinosaurs!


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