Monday, April 30, 2012

inspiration: maya hayuk

I discovered Maya Hayuk's art yesterday while I was actually on a WEDDING BLOG of all places. One of Hayuk's pieces was featured on an inspiration board, on Green Wedding Shoes (which is a pretty good wedding inspiration site if you're interested in that sorta stuff), and I was immediately drawn to her painting. I love the unconvential use of colours in the artwork:
shades of grey + fuschias + peach + lavender + teal.

*side note: in case you were wondering, the ring (Morganite & Rose Gold) is sold by onegarnetgirl and can be found here on Etsy.


I love Maya Hayuk's work because of her colourful, geometrical designs. Recently I've been fascinated with this type of rainbow-hued art and cannot wait to have spotless white walls of my own to absolutely MURDER with colour.

Here are some of her fabulous murals! ("monster island walls")

She has a TONNE of stuff on her website including album covers, photography, paintings, and murals. Make sure to take a look!

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