Monday, April 30, 2012

inspiration: Philip Tseng & Mike Mitchell

The designers who create Threadless T-shirts have always amazed me. Some of them are just SO GOOD!!! That's how I stumbled across San Diego illustrator Philip Tseng and LA artist Mike Mitchell... both amazingly talented drawingfolk.

I love Philip Tseng's work because many of his doodles are  food-related - which definitely piques my interest! His ZOMBIE BREAD t-shirt design is pretty KILLER! Reminds me of my old high school days when I'd find moldy sandwiches in the bottom of my backpack. And then I'd pawn them off to innocent civilians.

Breaaad! by Philip Tseng

He also has an amazing series called ALPHADEATH where he drew the whole alphabet in fruits and vegetables being cut up... it's morbidly marveloussss!


Mike Mitchell reinvents pop culture icons into cute cartoon form. He has a whole collection of these cartoons called "Just Like Us". I love how they kind of look like "Miis" (those personalized characters you can make on the Wii). The characters below are from three of my all-time favourite shows/movies. Do you recognize them?

 1) Dwight from The Office
2) Gollum from Lord of the Rings
3) Tobias from Arrested Development

I was SOOOOO EXCITEDDDDD when I saw the Tobias one. haha... Calling all NEVERNUDES!!! There are dozens of us... DOZENS!!!!!!! (if you didn't get that, just slowly walk away... slowly walk away...)... Right now they're selling that Tobias print on a T-shirt here on Threadless, and I am seriously contemplating buying one... then immediately make myself some CUT-OFFS to wear it with.

If all of these subtle references are glossing over your head, please kindly educate yourself by watching all 3 seasons of Arrested Development... NOW!!!! NOWWW!!!!!!!!!

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